Lorenzo Agius

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شركات الخيارات الثنائية لندن The celebrity photographer, Lorenzo Agius is renowned for his unique, intimate and often comical portraits of the 'stars'. The photographer shot to great prominence in the world of photography in with his seminal images for the ground breaking film Trainspotting, since when he is considered the pre-eminent celebrity photographer of our time. 

Lorenzo Agius has had a colourful affair with 'celebrity' over the past two decades. Expertly capturing the character and individuality of each of his sitters, Agius' images flaunt stylistic brilliance and bubble with personality. Featuring the major icons of our time, from Tom Cruise to Madonna, the varying and often polar characters he portrays find fusion through Agius himself: the artist taking pictures of artists. In every image Agius tunes into the creativity of his subjects and successfully reflects the mood of a moment and the person in that moment. The results are natural and accessible and in each case reflect the artist's eye for light and composition and his strong imagination for narrative.

Lorenzo Agius' own personality runs steadily throughout the collection. Enjoying British imagery, he celebrates local culture and stereotypes in both his chosen subjects and settings. It is hard to find a photograph that doesn't include a reference to British culture, be it fish and chips, boiled eggs and soldiers or an English country garden. The mood is light and refreshing and humour is ever present.

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